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Research Projects

To respond to the needs of the Navy and the defense industry through innovative faculty research and a pipeline of highly trained workers, MUST research projects focus on subject areas that can both address short-term concerns and long-term goals.

Marine and UnderSea Technology (MUST) Research Program at UMass Dartmouth 

FAIN #: N00014-20-1-2170 

Award Period of Performance: 2/1/20-1/31/23 

Total Award Budget: $4,576,764 


Toward High-Power/High-Energy Flow Batteries for Applications in Unmanned Undersea Vehicles: Overcoming Fundamental Obstacles with a Bio-Inspired Active Material Scaffold

Patrick J. Cappillino, Maricris L. Mayes, and Louis G. Carreiro (NUWC)


Acoustic Radiation and Directional Patterns (ARDP) of Sensors and Sources       

David A. Brown


Improving the Prediction Capability of Coastal Ocean Models using Hardware Acceleration     

Geffrey Cowles and Gaurav Khanna


Anti-biofouling Property and Lifetime of Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces in Marine Environment  

Hangjian Ling, Pia Moisander, and Wei-Shun Chang


Advances in underwater marine technology: New solutions to biofouling  

Pia Moisander and Wei-Shun Chang


Marine Sensing Technology for Acoustic Detection and Damage Monitoring through Embedded Composite Conductors    

Vijaya Chalivendra, Arun Shukla (URI), and Helio Matos (NUWC)


Incremental Learning with Human-in-the-Loop for Underwater Anomaly Detection         

Ming Shao and Paul Gendron


Bi-functional Polymer Matrix Composites for Structural Energy Storage in Marine Systems        

Caiwei Shen


Intermediate and Long-Time Evolution of Turbulent Wakes in the Ocean  

Miles A. Sundermeyer and Geoffrey W. Cowles


Deep Learning-Enabled Detection and Classification of Acoustic Signals in Underwater Channels           

Ruolin Zhou, Paul Gendron, and Dayalan Kasilingam


Tethered Integrated RF/Photonic Transmit/Receive for Underwater Unmanned Communications            

Yifei Li, Wei Guo (UMass Lowell), Tariq Manzur (NUWC), Robert Dougenik (NUWC), and Donald Steinbrecher (NUWC)


A multi-modal sensing enabled soft robotic end-effector for highly dexterous object manipulation in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions   

Kihan Park


Development of a Biomimetic Sensor with Augmented Sensitivity for Ocean Sensing Applications            

Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh and Hamed Samandari

UMass Dartmouth Marine and Undersea Technology Research Program - Materials, Sensing and Communication for Naval Applications 

FAIN #: N00014-20-1-2849 

Award Period of Performance: 9/17/20-9/16/23 

Total Award Budget: $4,205,268 


Enhanced Source Localization Using Optimally Designed Metamaterials and Advanced Machine Learning for Underwater Applications

Arghavan Louhghalam, Mazdak Tootkaboni, Alireza Amirkhizi (UMass Lowell), Benjamin Cray (NUWC), and Ivars Kirsteins (NUWC)


A Unifying Framework for AM Process-Informed Design of High-Contrast Multi-Material Systems for Eigenvalue-Driven Physics

Alireza Asadpoure, Mazdak Tootkaboni, Lorenzo Valdevit (UC Irvine), and Matthew Begley (UC Santa Barbara)


Second Generation Autonomy for Underwater Vehicles

Daniel MacDonald and Jim Reilly (NUWC)


Advanced Computational Investigation of Nose Curvature and Surface Hydrophobicity Effects in Water Entry of Solid Objects

Mehdi Raessi and Jess Belden (NUWC)


Computational Strategies for Scientific Data-Driven Learning for Marine and Undersea Technology Applications

Alfa Heryudono, Yanlai Chen, Sigal Gottlieb, Gaurav Khanna, Chris Hixenbaugh (NUWC), Makia Powell (NUWC), Eugene Chabot (NUWC), and Alec Yonika (Mikel, Inc.)


Regional Ocean Turbulence from Long-Duration, Autonomous Observations

Mark Altabet, Amit Tandon, and Geoff Cowles


Acoustic Rainfall Measurement on Global Drifters

Amit Tandon, John Buck, and Ian Sabo (NUWC)

UMass Dartmouth Marine and Undersea Technology Research Program: Materials, Sensing and Communication for Naval Applications 

Award Period of Performance: 12/2/21-12/1/24 

Total Award Budget: $4,328,191 


Underwater Signal Processing for Remote Sensing and Communications

Paul Gendron


Durability and Performance of Flow Batteries for Applications in Marine and Undersea Technology

Patrick J. Cappillino, Maricris L. Mayes, Richard Urian (NUWC)


Multi Objective Reinforcement Learning for Automated Process Control of Modern Software Practices

Lance Fiondella


Organics Oxidation and Metals Precipitation from Naval Bilgewater Using Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)

Sukalyan Sengupta, Caitlyn Butler (UMass Amherst), Sandeep Sathyamoorty (Black & Veatch)


Multiagent Learning in Complex Environment with Limited Communication

Shelley Zhang, Eugene Chabot (NUWC)


Multi-Fidelity Information Fusion for Accelerated Predictive Modeling and Optimal Design of High Entropy Alloys

Mazdak Tootkaboni, Alireza Asadpoure, Yanlai Chen, Timothy Rupert (University of California), Lorenzo Valdevit (University of California), Negin Alem azkoor (University of Virginia)


Quantum Computing and Control in Noisy Environments

David Kagan, Renuka Rajapakse, Robert Fisher, Jay Wang


Detection, Characterization and Validation in Coastal Environments and of the Marine Wave Boundary Layer using Coordinated Airborne UAVs and Underwater AUVs

Miles Sundermeyer, Brian Howes, Robert Melvin (Teledyne Benthos)


Sub-Mesoscale and Mesoscale Interactions STudy (SubMIST)

Amit Tandon, Mark A. Altabet, Wendell Brown


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